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The Best Taxi Scenes in Movie History

As you watch your favorite movies, you may notice an American icon: the yellow taxicab. This vehicle has been used in films since as early as the 1930s. But even as time and movie production technology have progressed, the taxi has remained a classic [...]

7 Things You Should Know About Taxis

You’ve seen them before: those yellow cars with the light on top of the roof that says “taxi” in bright, bold letters. Your knowledge about taxicabs and drivers comes from an extensive career of watching movies or television shows. Or maybe your taxi [...]

9 Tips for Stress-Free Business Travel

For most people, the word “travel” conjures up images of sandy beaches, romantic foreign cities, or relaxing mountain resorts. But for people in business, travel often means stress, hassle, and hectic schedules. Between living out of a suitcase, keep [...]